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  • PodcastsNov 2@ 3:31 pmKhinds

    How to start a podcast Text

    This is a special two-part interview. Kymone is being interviewed by Toussaint Williams on how he started the Ideas to Life podcast. If you are planning to start yours listen to both episodes and check out the show notes for ...Read more

  • PodcastsOct 16@ 6:10 pmKhinds

    Episode 42 – Angela White Text

    Angela White is the founder of Silver Lining Entertainment Company. Angela recently made history as the first African American woman to produce a faith-based movie for national distribution with the new movie, A Question of Doubt. For more information on the movie ...Read more

  • PodcastsOct 12@ 5:15 pmKhinds

    Episode 41 – Fiana Patrice Text

    Fiana Patrice describes herself as naturally shy. She started Approach2Link as a solution to a problem she was noticing at networking events and mix and mingles. Check out the interview below along with the show notes that follow. Go to ...Read more

  • PodcastsOct 1@ 10:44 pmKhinds

    Episode 40 – Sarah McDugal Text

    Sarah McDugal is an author and branding strategist with more than 20 years of international experience in media and leadership.  In 2012 she launched her own branding agency, to create story-driven visual marketing resources for companies with a socially responsible ...Read more

  • PodcastsSep 6@ 4:13 amKhinds

    Episode 39 – Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni Text

    Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni is an award-winning actor, producer, and educator. She is currently touring the one-woman show she wrote and performs in: One Drop of Love. One Drop of Love is a multimedia one-woman show exploring the intersections of race, class, and gender in search ...Read more

  • PodcastsAug 29@ 7:41 pmKhinds

    Episode 38 – Shalini David Text

    Shalini David was enjoying post college life in the United States. She was invited to go on a mission trip to Uganda that would change her life. That trip reminded her of a promise she had made to God as ...Read more


A veteran youth minister with a passion to disciple the next generation to be leaders and achieve their full potential.


A published author who is passionate about sharing the timeless truths of God’s word in new and innovative ways.


A presenter on youth issues and culture and has led numerous camps, conferences and mission trips for teens & young adults


A pastor and church planter who utilizes both his education and God given vision to take ministry to the next level

To Live By

How to create an environment of progression

There is no cookie cutter method to innovation. It would be great to have a one size fits all approach on the ready, but we all know that life just is not that simple. Instead a macro understanding of innovation and implementation methods are required. Coupled with an accurate assessment of the intended goal  and an in depth plan of action created with multiple causation and solutions. Successfully finding a balance between these variables is what I am here to assist you with.

Ministry Consultant. Innovator. Leader.

I am available to help churches, ministries, companies and individuals who are seeking to turn ideas into reality or are looking for new ways to execute events and programs.

  • Event Planning
    Ready to take your event to the next level?

    I am here to assist you through the entire process from conception to execution.

  • Personal Coach
    Helping you get to a better you!

    Together we can build an evolving partnership which emphasizes the steps necessary to obtain the actualization of your dreams, visions, goals and desires.

  • Available for Speaking Engagements
    Need a dynamic speaker for your engagement?

    Availability ranges from onsite presentations to cyber presentations. From webinars, to podcasts, to Google Hangouts and YouTube videos, I have you covered. Contact me today for booking details.

  • Training Opportunities Available
    Lets grow together

    Together we can work towards developing and honing your skills and assets. Contact me today to see how.

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