What if your “why” (or “why not”) is wrong?

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Many times our motives are based on future goals, future aspirations, future accomplishments. “I study hard so I can pass a test so I can get a good job so I can get a nice house and so that I can fly all over the world and experience fine living.” We can be motivated by future success.

I have a theory though that being motivated more by past actions rather than future success can sustain us longer and allow us to enjoy the journey better. What do I mean by that? Well if my goal is based on what I am trying to accomplish, it keeps me agitated, anxious and uneasy at the prospect of never accomplishing it. If I do what I do to get something, and I never get it, it may all seem like a waste.

But if I am motivated by what has already been done. If I do what I do because someone has been good to me and I live based on past actions rather than future success then I have already received the prize before I even set off to run the race. My motive is gratitude. My emotion along the way is joy. And what I am willing to do is limitless.

I think too many Christians have the wrong “why”. They are trying to earn salvation and earn God’s approval when He has given it as a gift in advance. I think too many people are not Christians because they have the wrong “why not”. They don’t think they are good enough and can’t ever be good enough to earn God’s approval. They have too many hangups and they mess up too many times.

But what if our “why” or “why not” is wrong? What if we accepted that Jesus saves. Jesus died for us. Jesus paid for our wrongs. Our approval in God’s eyes is not based on what we have done or will do but it’s all based on what Jesus has already done.

What if we believed that and lived like that…what if we changed our why? How would life be different? Dialog with me on this. I want to hear your thoughts.

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