Episode 6 -Peyton Jones & Pete Mitchell

Peyton Jones is founding coach of New Breed Church Planting UK/USA. He has worked as a tentmaker, a firefighter, factory worker, and psychiatric nurse, bringing all these experiences to the table in ministry.

Pete Mitchell, in addition to being quite the handsome dude, is a leading authority in Instant Results Marketing for brick and mortar businesses. He is the Chief Marketing Mercenary at Big Guns Marketing. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows including CNN and KABC.

Together they publish Church Planter Magazine and are the hosts for the number one church planting podcast – Church Planter Podcast. Visit the links below to take advantage of their resources.

CHURCH PLANTER PODCAST: http://bit.ly/1f0v8UA
PEYTON’S BOOK:    http://www.churchzero.com
WEBSITE:  http://www.newbreedcp.org

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