Episode 5 – Gary Saunders

Gary Saunders is the CEO and Founder of Praizevision, a ministry that connects his two passions – technology and worship. He shares with us how it moved from a simple concept to now a full service media company. Visit the praizevision website – www.praizevision.com

1 thought on “Episode 5 – Gary Saunders”

  1. Anthia Jacob-Hinds

    I was particularly pleased to learn how praizevsion started, the marriage of praise and worship with technology. Gary Saunders impressed me when he said he never felt like giving up inspite of whatever challenges he faced. Praizevision bridge the gap for persons who are unable to attend church services for one reason or another. We thank Gary Saunders for his foresight and for keeping this ministry going all these years.

    May the anointing of God rest upon you Pastor Kymone Hinds, your wife and three children as you continue to find innovative ways to highlight ideas2life and expose other young men and women in this vein.

    Respectfully submitted
    Anthia Jacob-Hinds

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