Do you need a speaker with power to inspire and motivate?

Thank you for checking out my speaker page. I know the power words have to inspire and motivate. Clarity in communication is important to me. Whatever venue or audience, I seek to make things clear to my listeners. Using creative tools and illustrations, I help people to “get it.”


At the age of 7, I gave my first speech. I rehearsed over and over for that. A lot has changed but I still value preparation. Most of my speaking background has been in church settings. I have been a minister for over 15 years and gained valuable experience preaching and teaching every week. I have spoken to diverse audiences. One group that I spent many years speaking to was teenagers. They challenge you to gain their attention and get to the point. I learned a lot from that experience. I have presented at conferences and trainings for companies and groups. No matter the setting, the goal is the same – help them to “get it.” As a writer and podcaster, I have had an opportunity to share my thoughts using various media. These have helped me to sharpen my speaking ability.


My experience and my passion have led me to study and create presentations on:
  • How to Bring Ideas to Life– Do you have great ideas that you lose or never use? Are you tired of not doing anything with your creative genius? Do you downplay what you have? This presentation will give you a system to capture and implement the ideas you have.
  • Making the Shift –Life is determined by the decisions we make. Some decisions are bigger than others with greater consequences. From relationships to finances to career, these determine the course of our lives. This presentation will give you a guide to making major life decisions. This will move listeners to introspection and action. 
I am available for preaching and presenting on religious topics and Biblical themes.