Ideas – What Life is Made of

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I am fascinated by ideas. When I see something new I have either one of two reactions (or both at the same time).

  1. How did they think of that?
  2. Why didn’t I think of it first.

I’m intrigued by the science or art of how new ideas come up. I believe everything we see started as an idea. It started somewhere within the mind of someone and through a process those ideas were brought into a tangible reality.

There is a continuum between ideas and life. In one sense ideas need to be brought to life. If things stay only in the stage of a dream, a concept, a thought, they do not affect much good. I think we can all admit that some of our best ideas have gone nowhere. That happened either because we forgot them (I know that regret), we were afraid to do something about it, or we just did not want to invest what it took to make it a reality.

From the other side of the spectrum, life needs to be given new ideas. I know that sounds reverse order, but allow me to explain. Some of us are more resistant to change than others. Some of us embrace and even seek out change as something that keeps us going.

Even the most status quo loving among us would admit that every now and then, there needs to be some new sprinkled on our established ways of doing things. Fresh, new, different…they all help to give energy and excitement to life. And that’s what I mean. Life needs to be given new ideas.

For some of us, our challenge is taking ideas we already have and bringing them all the way to execution and fulfillment. For others, our challenge isn’t doing. It’s adding something new to what we are already doing.

My hope is that this blog, website, and podcast will be a place where both can happen. I have been on either side of the process and would love to share thoughts on bringing ideas to life, or giving ideas to life. It may simply be a fresh way of looking at things. And at times, just something funny about life (you have to laugh…it keeps us sane).

So welcome to this blog. Subscribe so you don’t miss anything. You don’t want it to be like that great world changing idea you had one time that you let slip through your grasp. Let me go write one down myself before I forget it.

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