Episode 37 – Kyle Emile

 Kyle Emile was frustrated with the level of conversations he was having himself and the polarizing nature of dialog in the wider society. What started off as a project grew into a social movement and now a nonprofit called Free Intelligent Conversation(Free IC).

Free IC is dedicated to facilitating meaningful face to face conversations between strangers. Kyle started this while a sophomore in college in 2012.Listen to the entire episode and check out the show notes below it.

Top Take-Aways

1. You can build things for yourself…that help others

Kyle shared that Free IC came to him based on a need that he had for deeper conversations. He stated that you can build things for people (and the needs you see in them) or you can build it for yourself and the need you are experiencing.

2. It’s important to have a network around you.

Kyle grew Free IC out through a combination of being willing to learn new skills and tapping into the expertise of the friends around him. He shared a few reasons why it’s important to run ideas by those close to us.

  1. If you can’t convince the people closest to you, you will have a hard time convincing everyone else.
  2. Your friends want to see you succeed.
  3. They will give you the most honest feedback.
3.  Goals of Free Intelligent Conversation

The goals of Free IC are:

  1. Create a place where people are celebrating their differences.
  2. Allow a place where people can talk about anything.
  3. Provide face to face conversation.
4. There is a cost to pay for not pursuing an idea

For those considering a new idea, there is a cost of pursuing it but also a cost of not pursuing it. When we don’t go after it, it plagues us.

5.  Care about what you are doing

The best people at solving problems are people deeply invested in the problem.

6. You can’t be afraid of failure

You are going to fail. Determine that you are committing yourself to a process.

You’re committing yourself to failing, trying to iterate and to get going again.

Let go of the idea of perfection. There’s going to be years of messing up and you have to commit to it.

To contact Kyle email him at contact@freeic.org

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