Episode 35 – Robert Kennedy III

Robert Kennedy III resides in the Maryland area with his family. He has worked in various fields before including human services, teaching, radio, music and more. All of those experiences have helped to shape him and his business as a speaker, trainer, and author.

Robert coaches people to tell their story and hosts and online community through – SpeakWriteNow.com/community

To book Robert to speak at your event, coach you in your speaking or writing or just keep up with him visit him on facebook, twitter or Instagram or on his website – RobertKennedyiii.com

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Top Take-Aways

1. After you recognize gifts you have to work to develop them

Robert was quiet as a child but gave his first speech at an early age. When he came to recognize speaking as one of his gifts, he began an intentional journey to learn how to do it effectively.

2. You connect the dots going backward

Robert interned at a radio station as a news anchor. He shared how his experiences all had a common thread that led him to what he is doing now as a speaker, trainer, and author.

3. The purpose of learning new things is to bless others

At his core, Robert is a teacher. His father realized this gift in him during his senior year of high school. It took Robert a while to figure it out. He shares that when he learns new things, the purpose is to bless others and share with others.

4. The world is better when you tell your story

Robert’s core message is “Everybody has a story to share. The world is better when you tell it.”

He shared two big reasons to share your story:

  • Let others know what you are going through so they can help you through some of your dark patches
  • You can share with others behind you on the journey that they too can make it.
5. ¬†You can’t undo what you’ve done

Robert talked about some lessons he learned after being laid off in 2008 that helped to propel him to start his own business.

All your experiences add up to help make you what you are. If you are in a place you don’t like or not satisfied, you can ask “how can I leverage what I’ve learned to make things happen?”

6. Secrets to Robert’s system

We dived into some of Robert’s secrets to getting things done. He maintained that there’s no secret and no perfect system to getting things done. These are just his methods.

  • Wake up early – between 4am – 4:30 am
  • Give himself 2 hours of margin before everyone else wakes up
  • Intentionally creates margin at beginning and end of day
  • Deleted distractions
  • Be flexible when things don’t go right.

7. Be around others who help to push you forward

Robert let us in on one of his critical decisions that has helped him to grow. He has gotten involved in 2 or 3 mastermind groups that encouraged accountability and sharing.

Reinvent yourself by getting around people that are either in growth mode or are ahead of you.

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