Episode 34 – Janelle Williams

Janelle Williams is a native New York, living in the Annapolis, Maryland area.  After stepping away from a career in her field of study, she started her own business this year РJanelle Williams Consulting.

Janelle is the perfect example of finding your talent and using it to help others and create income for yourself. Listen to the interview below and check out the show notes that follow it. There are great insights you can share with others.


Top Take-Aways
1. Learn your gift by listening to others

Janelle realized she had the gift of organizing from the feedback of others. Throughout her early life and even in her career people constantly told her she was good at it. It came naturally to her but others saw value in it.

2. Look for the pattern in your life

Even though Janelle studied public health and worked in that field, she still found herself in projects that involved planning. Both her career and home life fell in line with organizing, planning and coordinating. She states that you have to look at the pattern of what you end up doing in your life to discover your gifts or talents.

3. Sometimes it takes a nudge to make the jump

Starting a business was something she wanted to do for a while. A life transition at home helped to provide the push she needed to step out on faith. Sometimes we need help making the brave step of starting something new.

4. Learn the value of networking

In the short time that Janelle has been running her own business, it has already taken off. The number one key to success has been networking. This has included using social media for building professional relationships.

5. Show people how you can help them

In building those relationships online and offline, Janelle realized the need to offer people something of substance.

6. Know when to get help

Janelle shared that she uses fiverr.com which is an online community where you can get help with graphic work and other projects. This has helped her to grow her business by not tying up her time with tasks she should not be doing and freeing her up for the important things.

Janelle Williams helps people and small businesses to organize their lives and their systems. She is available for virtual and in person consultation. She can be found on her website – JanelleWilliamsConsulting.com and on her instagram page and facebook page.

May her story inspire you to find and use your gifts.

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