Episode 33 – Randrick Chance

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Randrick Chance is a best-selling author, pastor and lifestyle coach. Chance coaches people in leveraging their gifts and talents to produce extra sources of income. His latest book “Monetize your skills” shares how to leverage your education, expertise, and experiences into a 6 figure income. Chance can be reached by his website Strategicsecrets.com

Top Take-Aways

1. Ministry and Mission require Money

Chance shares from his experience in humanitarian work that funds are needed. 

2. Donations are only one stream of income

Most ministries only operate off of donations. They are limiting their funding by not tapping into other sources of funding.

3. Use what you have to create income

Ministries and individuals can go beyond donations for funding.

4. To monetize your skills you need a system

Chance’s latest book is called “Monetize your skills.” He shares a system to take what you already have to develop products. He shares how you can scale up from a book to a course to a seminar to workshops to personal coaching.

5. Two questions to identify your gifts and talents

To identify your gifts and talents ask these two questions –

  1. What do you love?
  2. What causes you pain?
6. Don’t be obsessed with your goals

Chance’s biggest advice to entrepreneurs and leaders is to let the end results take care of themselves. 

7. Money can make a difference in our world

Chance shares that having resources is an excellent way to expand the kingdom of God and impact people’s lives. 

Chance’s new book can be found at Monetizeyourskills.com or by searching his name (Randrick Chance) on Amazon.com

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