Episode 32 – Amber L. Wright

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Amber L. Wright is a communication expert, keynote coach, entrepreneur and an author among many other things. She trains speakers and communicators in her coaching business – TalktoAmber.com

Amber’s first book “Can we talk?” will be released in the summer of 2017. To keep up with Amber visit her on facebook, twitter or Instagram.

Listen to the entire episode and check out the show notes below.


Top Take-Aways

1. Life is better when you operate in your area of giftedness

Amber’s gift has always been communication. She was always able to help people get their words out. She loved helping people to communicate better. She states:

2. Working a job can help you work toward your business

Many people who want to go into their own business are working a regular job. It may even be something they dislike. Amber shared a new way of looking at that job –

3. Define what success looks like for you

Amber shares her definition of success. She encourages everyone to decide what you really want and go for it.

4. Use what you got to get where you want to go

Amber used her past experience as an entrepreneur to open doors for this business. She gives these simple steps:

  • Identify who can use your talent.
  • Go find that person.
  • Offer to help them.
5. Figure out who you should work for and who to serve

Amber not only coaches speakers but mentors college students. She discusses the difference between the two and how she decides who to volunteer her time with and who to work with through her business.

6. Steps to writing a book for night-owls

Amber’s first book is coming out in July. She shares some key steps she took to get it done.

  • Create levels of accountability
  • Break it up into smaller pieces
  • Write at the time that works best for you.
7. Take your time

Amber’s biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs is to take your time. There is no race.

Once you commit to doing something and decide what success is for you, you will create micro-steps to get there.

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