Ep 60 – Celebrating diversity through puzzles with Matthew Goins

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Matthew Goins and his wife Marnel, started Puzzle Huddle in January 2018. They have 3 children under the age of 6 years old who love puzzles. The Goins were frustrated by the lack of diverse images on commercially produced puzzles. The family began creating unique designs. Their company provides puzzles that showcases inclusive images that children and others will love.

Matthew shares on our podcast his love for education who has 3 degrees from Howard University. He is proud of his African American heritage. Education and cultural pride are definitely things that the Goins wanted to instill into their children.

The Goins saw a problem and created a solution that has turned into a business. 

Here are the big takeaways from this interview:

1. Look for solutions to the problem you see

Instead of remaining frustrated, Matthew and Marnel created a simple solution – puzzles for their children – that has now become a solution for others with the same problem.

2. Start small and be willing to learn

Matthew shared how he made his first puzzle out of cardboard. Then he graduated to having 4×6 puzzles made. Then he grew to having full size puzzles. Sometimes we wait to get things perfect before we start. We can start and then perfect things.

3. Be open to feedback

Matthew shared how he has received feedback on other groups that would like to see themselves represented in his puzzles. As he seeks to be diverse, he remains open to feedback. 

Check out the puzzle huddle website and follow them on social media on all platforms at @puzzlehuddle.

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