Ep 59 – Planning to make the world laugh with Ant Davis

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Mr Ant Davis (@mrantdavis) is one of the funniest social media comedians who puts out content that is relatable and the whole family can enjoy.

Ant shares in this episode how he figured out his gift for finding humor in simple things by growing up in the church. He connected with @kevonstage and Jason Fredericks and they formed the Playmakers. 

Here are the big takeaways from this interview.

1. Start with what you have

Ant shared how they started with their first play and the conditions weren’t perfect but they got going anyway. The Playmakers grew from there and helped to launch their individual stand up careers after.

2. Be strategic with your creativity

Even though Ant does improv comedy online, he still schedules time to record his daily videos. It is a part of a larger strategy to get booked for shows and to end up on tv.

If you are creative you have to be strategic as well and not waste time and energy.

3. Stay focused on your goals

Ant gets a lot of his comedy ideas from the feedback of his viewers. However he is clear that he can’t listen to every positive and negative comment online.

Great reminder for us all that we can’t allow the voices of others to control our pursuit of our dreams.

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