Ep 57 – Too Good Not to Sell

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What does it mean to be in business? Well one of the first things you realize is you have to make money to stay in business.

Our guest for this episode, David Arrington, started his business in 2012, but kicked it into high gear in late 2015. His company is called Arrington Coaching and their focus is on Leadership Development.

David shares some necessary truths with us about entrepreneurship. Some of the take aways from this episode are:

1. Entrepreneurship is work.

You have to be willing to invest the time and energy to make your business work.

2. Be afraid to not transition

Life is full of transitions. David has made a few in his career. He shares “I was more afraid of what happen if I didn’t take the step.”

Even within your business, you have to be willing to make transitions.

3. Don’t be afraid to sell 

Businesses go out of business because of cashflow. You have to believe in the value of what you are offering enough to sell it. David walked us through a masterclass on selling and talking about money. 

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