Ep 56 – I Believe

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We are back after a month off. This episode is a very personal and transparent one. Kymone shares where he’s been, what he’s been doing and some important lessons learned during the break.

Lesson #1 – You are making a bigger impact than you realize

We may be questioning our reach, our impact and the difference we are actually making with the work we are doing. We learn that more people are watching than we know, more people are listening than we realize and more people are following than we believe.

The work you do is important because someone is being helped by it.

Lesson #2 – Clarity gives confidence

We each long for clarity as to our purpose, our lane and our assignment. Oftentimes we need the help of others to find that clarity. When it comes, it provides energy because we know clearly what we are supposed to be doing.

Lesson #3 – The biggest limit to success is your own belief

It is great and helpful for others to believe in the work we are doing and what we have to offer. Those are encouraging. What is most important however is our personal belief in our offering. 

If we truly believed, we would not let rejection stop us. We would not pull back at the first obstacle. We would keep going. 

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