Ep 55 – Be a few steps ahead with Jenelle Jack

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Jenelle Jack helps experts and creatives to write their book, share their story and make an impact.

In this episode we learn that Jenelle always had an interest in writing but was afraid to put herself out there. Jenelle is an overcomer after having to learn to walk again after a hit and run accident.

That spirit came through in this episode as Jenelle shared about her self-publishing journey. Jenelle went from writer to coaching and consulting with others who wanted to take a similar journey.

“I thought I needed to be selling millions of copies of books or have a huge platform to coach others. But being online using social media opened my eyes to the fact that regular people a few steps ahead could teach others.”

To coach you simply have to understand the process, share your knowledge and experience so you save people time and money by learning from you.

Jenelle emphasized the importance of building an email list. She talks about why just having a social media following is not enough.

You can connect with Jenelle on her website – buildandcreatenow.com 

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