Ep 54 – A Guide on the Side with Latarsha Horne

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Latarsha Horne, Coach Tarsh, is a Certified Professional Coach with over ten years of experience in learning and development as an instructional designer, training facilitator, learning strategist, and performance improvement coach. She helps clients unlock their potential and get more of the results they want through self-empowerment, inspired-action, and strategic planning. Because when you know what to do and are clear about how to do it, progress happens quickly.

Latarsha shares how she made a decision to transition from working for a company to starting her own business. She created a plan and executed it. 

Latarsha helps us to understand coaching and how it can help us. “A coach is a thinking partner.” This interview helps us to understand how to really help others rather than being an answer person or a fixer.

“If you tell me what to do, then that’s effective in the moment. But if you can provide me with a path, a set of steps I can take and I can figure it out myself, then I can self-solve going forward.”

Coach Tarsh helps us to understand how to manage fear and to understand the power of choice and the power of resilience.

You can connect with Coach Tarsh on her website – CoachTarsh.com and on facebook, twitter and instagram @CoachTarsh

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