Ep 52 – The business of figuring it out with Simone Cameron

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Simone Cameron is the CEO and Founder of Annek Marketing Group.

Her background is in the area of Public Relations and the majority of her work experience was in fundraising, volunteer management and event planning.

Writing and editing were always things Simone knew she was good at. She has always had a way with words but never thought she could make money with words.

Simone’s family relocated from Toronto, Canada to Cleveland, Ohio and she struggled to find a job in an area of passion for her.

Through fortuitous circumstances she was offered a job doing marketing for a law firm – a job she was not qualified professionally or prepared for initially. This job would open her eyes and her mind to the opportunities in social media marketing.

Simone’s philosophy is “I can figure it out,” and that’s how she has kept learning and growing her business. This skill to figure things out has been very helpful in the social media world where things are always changing.

Simone has come to a place in her business now where she says “I know exactly what I do and I know exactly what to charge for it.”

But she stated that she didn’t have it all figured out to begin. The business defined itself.

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