Ep 51 – Find a Gap, Fill a Need with Kirk Nugent

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Kirk Nugent is an innovator, leader and media consultant. He pursued a degree and career in Information Technology (IT) and working in that field allowed him to work in various environments. 

Kirk quickly learned that in the field of IT, and really in any discipline, you have to leave room for discovery. His naturally inquisitive nature opened doors that allowed him to work overseas in South Africa for a few years.

Kirk was always a story teller. And it was not always clear how his work in IT would mesh with his love of story. But as he continued to find gaps, his job allowed him opportunities through media to bring stories to life.

That quest to use his gift of storytelling has opened up new doors in the area of speaking and even doing voiceover work. Kirk teaches us to keep our eyes open even in our regular jobs, because opportunities for entrepreneurship are all around us.

You can find out more about Kirk Nugent and the work he is doing at:


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