Ep 49 – Reclaiming my time with Kevin B. Jennings

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Kevin B. Jennings is back with us by popular demand after giving us so much value on Episode 47

In this episode we talked about driving our schedules rather than having our schedules drive us. Kevin shared about a retreat he went to in October 2015 that changed his perception of planning his schedule.

“Before anyone asks me, my schedule already reflects my priorities.”

We discuss the concept of an ideal week, which Kevin gleaned from Carey Nieuwhof

“Energy is futile. Do I know when I’m at my best? You want to do what you’re best at when you’re at your best.”

Kevin challenged us to not let email and other people’s priorities rule us.

He shared this concept from Brandon Bruchard:

“Your inbox and email reflects everyone else’s priority for you not yours.”

We have to prioritize even the access we give to people.

In our discussion, Kevin shared his goal setting process. This quote from Michael Hyatt was helpful:

“If a goal no longer aligns with who you are, throw the goal away.”

“Strategic quitting is a fantastic growth strategy.”

One of Kevin’s role is a DJ. He shared a lesson from his DJ work that applies to business:

“Give the people what they want.”

This interview will change your life. Go back and listen to Episode 47 if you have not already.

You can contact Kevin on his cell phone (615) 455-3399.

To get a copy of the personal asset map that Kevin talked about visit kevinbjennings.com/ideastolife

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