Ep 46 – Getting Unstuck with Nadia Pitter

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Nadia Pitter is a certified women’s empowerment life coach. She is the owner of Life Cycle Life Coaching Services.

In this episode we discuss how Nadia felt stuck after accomplishing her goals of graduating college and getting a job in her field of study. She had that feeling that “there must be something more.”

Nadia went through a process of introspection and personal development. One thing that helped her get unstuck was engaging the services of a life coach. Nadia realized her purpose was to help other women who were facing similar challenges.

Nadia has created various products out of the tools that she uses for her own growth. This will inspire you to think about the things you use for yourself as opportunities to build your business.

Nadia can be reached via her website Рhttp://www.lclcoaching.com or on instagram @lifecoachnadia

To sign up for the FREE 15 minute call with Kymone mentioned in this episode go to bit.ly/letstalkideas

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