Ep 45 – Make it happen with Latisha Stephens

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Latisha Stephens is a Personal Life Coach, Money Management Builder, Mompreneur and property management professional.

She has always had confidence in herself to get it done. Latisha stepped out and applied for a major property management job soon after college.

Latisha’s first business was a tax preparation business she launched with skills she developed while in college.

Life many times comes with challenges and Latisha went through her own share of them. After a divorce, she benefited from using a Life Coach. She turned her own painful experience into a passion to help other women like herself. Latisha began a Life Coaching business.

Things all came together when Latisha began doing Money Management Coaching for women. She has used social media to share her expertise and market her business more.

“Just take the step and go for it.”

You can connect with Latisha on her website – http://www.latishastephens.com or on instagram at @coachlatisha

To sign up for the FREE 15 minute call with Kymone mentioned in this episode go to bit.ly/letstalkideas

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