Ep 42 – Too Dope to be Broke with Eboni Green

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Eboni Green is the CEO and Founder of Twenty Twenty Visionary. Both of her degrees are in media and technology and as a teen she wanted to start her own radio station.

Eboni on what it takes to start a business – “Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be.” She shared a quote with us:

“You approached it like it was heavy and so it was.”

Eboni has always had a great sense of finished product.

A turning point for her came when she realized she was “Too dope to be this broke,” and she believed!

Another gem from Eboni was this:

“A freelancer builds their business on what they can do. A business owner builds their business on what their team can do.”

In building a team, she shared that the baseline for selecting team members should be excellence in their stated field of expertise.

Eboni can be reached at ceo@ttve.co or you can follow her on instagram.

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