Ep 32 – Be who you needed by Eve Hudson

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Eve Hudson, PhD is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcaster. Her company The Purpose Professor, LLC focuses on helping people to live with intentionality.

Personal Shifts

Eve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and initially wanted to be a radio DJ. Her Master is in Student Affairs Administration. And her PhD is is Higher Education Administration. She wanted to be a college professor and eventually university president.

Eve shares how her purpose came into focus.

When you don’t see it, create it

Dr Eve received her PhD at 28 years old. She is a first generation college graduate. On her journey post college graduation she realize there were less people who were able to help her navigate the transition into adulthood.

That’s when it became clear to her that first generation college graduates needed support and this launched her into meeting that need.

Eve had to get comfortable serving a small niche. She encourages us all to be honest with ourselves and accept what we are called to do. You can’t fear being specific.

“Being who you needed.”

Chartering new territory

Eve didn’t plan on writing a book. But she knew one day she would. She wrote the entire book in two days. “I sat my younger self in a chair and talked to her for two days…on paper.” Her book “1865” has been adopted by the Mississippi Valley State University as the common read for their freshman class.

Podcasting has allowed Dr Eve to use all three of her degrees. It has enabled her to find her audience.

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