Ep 31 – Stewards of Content with Ryan Becker

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Ryan Becker is a pastor of two churches in South Carolina. He shares his journey of starting the Absurdity Podcast.

Starting the Podcast

Ryan left college to pastor two older congregations. He realized he had a lot of free time and not a lot of structure. He wondered what he would do with all this free time and how he could use his passion outside of his location.

After the pulse night club shooting in Orlando, his home city, Ryan wanted to speak to the issue. Podcasting became the way to do that.

Love it or Hate it

Ryan shares how podcasting has helped to improve his speaking. One challenge with podcasting was the lack of feedback from listeners.

Ryan is not afraid to discuss controversial topics on his podcast.

Growing his podcast

The key to growth of his listenership has been consistency. He shares how he has used social media, websites and having people to share on their platforms to grow his audience to over 700 downloads at least and 2,000 as a high.

However Ryan said “I don’t care who listens. I’m producing this ultimately because I’m passionate about it and I feel called to create it.”

Why should anyone share their content

If God has called you to create you are doing an injustice by not creating. We are to be stewards of our content.”

Ryan’s podcast can be found at theabsurdity.org

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