Hi my name is Kymone.

Welcome to my website. I was born in Brooklyn, New York City but grew up on the island of Trinidad. That’s home for me! After finishing high school I moved back to New York to attend college.

I graduated from St John’s University (Manhattan Campus) with a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Science. Basically I studied how to calculate risk. If you love Math, that’s a good career to consider. It did not take me long working in that career to realize that God had other plans for my life. God was calling me to follow Him on an uncertain, risky, challenging, rewarding journey.

My immediate family (TeamHinds) is captained by my wife, Kerine, the one who holds it all together. We have 3 energetic children – Jaden, Janiah, and Joelle.

I have been blessed to serve the church in many capacities as a Pastor, Youth Minister, Conference Planner, Church Planter among other roles. I love the local church. I live to innovate. I’m just wired to find new ways to do things.

I’m a writer – it allows me an opportunity to share my perspective on life and even share my questions and challenges. I look forward to connecting with you on here and in person if our journeys would connect.


A veteran youth minister with a passion to disciple the next generation to be leaders and achieve their full potential.


A published author who is passionate about sharing the timeless truths of God’s word in new and innovative ways.


A presenter on youth issues and culture and has led numerous camps, conferences and mission trips for teens & young adults


A pastor and church planter who utilizes both his education and God given vision to take ministry to the next level