About Me

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed.” Steve Jobs captures the frustration many of us experience when we come up with a great idea but don’t act on it. As Jobs says “Execution is worth millions.” It makes the difference in our personal lives, in our careers and in the impact we have in the world.

The best way I can describe myself is I am an Ideator – someone who is never out of Ideas and not afraid to use them. Well the part about not being afraid isn’t always true, but I’ve learned to move forward on executing things even in the face of fear.

Most of my experience with Idea generating and implementing has come in the faith based world. I get excited taking on new challenges that call for out the box thinking and decisive action. I guess that’s why I worked with teens and college students for 7 years designing resources, planning camps and retreats and developing leaders. If you’ve ever worked with teens you know they challenge you to stay relevant.

There’s always a new way to do something – that’s always been my belief. I’ve lived that out in leading congregations in different places. That’s even led me to the extreme sport of ministry – starting a brand new congregation. What started off as an Idea in my head is now a contemporary, community based church. It was awesome to be a part of a group that dared to dream of a different way of being the church together.

My greatest joy comes from helping others take dreams that have been dormant or buried deep inside, activating them and bringing them all the way to life. There’s a spark that happens in us individually and in groups when we challenge ourselves to step out and do something different. That’s why I became a coach, to help people like you “awaken the wonder.”

My life journey has taken me from living on an island (Trinidad – best food in the world), to big city New York, to the heart of the South. In every place I’ve realized that people are more creative than they give themselves credit for, and need someone to come alongside them and help them unlock what’s inside.

My team of Ideators is captained by my wife Kerine (the real MVP) and we have two teens (a son and daughter) and my youngest daughter who has teenaged tendencies. I love beaches (can’t take the island out the boy), sports and chocolate.

Now that you’ve read my story and heard my heart, I would love to connect with you. Check out my services. Look over the resources I’ve created that can help you and listen to my podcast. Let’s work together to bring Ideas to Life.